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Hello Collection Development/JSTOR Colleagues,

Here is a brief update to the UC/JSTOR Paper Repository project.

Now a quarter of the way through our project timeline, we have recently finished evaluating all of the items where the SRLF is the 1st choice contributor. This is roughly 20% of the project, which puts us only slightly behind schedule (5%) due to certain complications with summer student recruitment and a reload/reworking of data from JSTOR. This has all been sorted out. An additional challenge has been the recent ability of our new UC-created JSTOR project database to give us an accurate page count for this project. Instead of thirteen million pages as initially estimated, we are instead dealing with a fourteen and a quarter of a million pages project. At 700,000 pages a month, this is over a month's worth of work that will need to be squeezed into the remainder of the timeline.

Even though we have evaluated 20% of the project, at this time we still have a high rejection rate, of 53%. Again, most of these rejections are because of reprint volumes, or unacceptable damage to one or more pages of an issue (i.e., glue damage, pen underlining, missing pages, etc.). A high percentage of the rejected issues are for very minor offenses on one or two pages. Therefore, the completeness of the paper repository at this time is only 9%.

To combat this, we have begun talks with JSTOR, Harvard and UC campus Collection Development Officers to figure out a way to get replacement pages from one another, so that we can repair those volumes with one or a few damaged pages and then add them to the repository. This will lower significantly both our rejection rate and the amount of revalidation work needed from a second-choice contributor's volume.

Student hiring will be adjusted to reclaim the 5% we are behind, to make allowances for the actual page count, and to perform repair work/revalidation of rejected volumes. We have received a large shipment from UCSC which we have just started working on, and we expect our first UCSD shipment at the end of this week. Other campuses will be sending their contributions soon. I suspect I may be contacting campuses by early next year for second choice requests.

That's it for now. Please forward to the appropriate audience.


Jeff Sundquist
UC Shared Print Librarian & JSTOR Archive Manager

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