SRLF Imaging Services will provide film to film duplication until December 2018, after which time microfilm duplication will be discontinued. We no longer offer original microfilming services. Microfilm digitization services will continue to be offered.

Pricing Structure

  • Special handling charges refer to any extra time spent prepping an object for digitization, usually due to extreme fragility.
  • Please use our inquiry form to contact us about receiving quote for services.
Preservation Microfilming UC Users Non-UC Users
Creation of a print negative $47.00 per reel $63.00 per reel
Creation of a positive reel $41.00 per reel $56.00 per reel
Microfilm to digital  $45.00 per reel $60.00 per reel 
Packaging & Label $4.00 per reel $5.00 per reel
Special Handling $37.50 $51.00

Delivery and Storage

  • Microfilm reels are shipped via courier to the address provided by the patron.
  • Shipment cost is included in the original estimate.


Guidelines We Follow and Recommendations of Best Practices

At the SRLF Imaging Services we follow guidelines provided by the Research Libraries Group as well as those outlined by the Association of Research Libraries. We use the following manuals to inform our microfilm practices:

  • The RLG Archives Microfilm Manual, available by PDF here
  • Preservation Microfilming: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists by Lisa L. Fox, published by the Association of Research Libraries
  • The Library of Congress USNP Microfilming Guidelines available here

Turnaround Times

Below are the typical turnaround times for most projects (larger projects will take longer):

Request Type Standard Turnaround of Materials
Standard Microfilm Request 21 business days
Microfilming of Oversized Materials (larger than 11 x 17 inches) 42 business days
Rush Request The lab coordinator will discuss our ability to accommodate these requests.


Our Quality Assurance & Control Procedures

Quality control is defined in this instance as those steps incorporated into the production process that are designed specifically to reduce error. Quality assurance is the process by which the total product is examined to ensure that the quality criteria initially established in the pre-production tests are met. For microfilming our staff looks for:

  • Overall legibility
  • Smallest detail of legibility is captured
  • Completeness of detail
  • Completeness of overall image area
  • Density
  • Image orientation
  • Dimensional accuracy compared with the original
  • Any excessive residual thiosulfate on processed microfilm reels


All reproductions of materials provided by SRLF Imaging Services must fall under allowances provided by Section 107 (Fair Use) and Section 108 (Library and Archives Exceptions) of the United States Copyright Act.

Patrons may not publish, post to the Internet, or otherwise distribute copies of any holdings that fall under U.S. Copyright law without appropriate permission. Provision of copies of materials does not in any way imply permission to utilize materials for reasons other than personal research and scholarly use.

If an intended use will extend beyond personal research purposes and a patron wishes to publish or distribute copies of materials, please note the following:

  • The Library does not grant or deny permission to publish or otherwise distribute material whose copyright it does not hold or material deemed to be in the public domain.
  • Patrons must clear any intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent), privacy, and publicity rights in the material prior to publication or distribution.
  • Patrons must pay applicable licensing fees for the use of material when its copyright is held by the University of California Regents, in addition to any duplication costs.



The History of Microfilm

The History of Microfilm - An Exhibit

History of Microfilm - An Exhibit


Contacting SRLF Imaging Services

  • Library staff members with UCLA Library who would like to propose a digitization project please refer to the Collections Council Digitization Team Confluence Page and follow the steps to filling out a digitization proposal.
  • Library staff members who would like to request on-demand digitization services or inquire more about the lab please use our inquiry form.
  • Patrons who wish to digitize materials they own, are not associated with the UC system, and would like a price estimate, more information regarding procedures, etc. please contact via our inquiry form.
  • Library patrons and other researchers seeking digital copies of materials from UCLA collections are advised to contact public service staff of the relevant library: UCLA Library Staff Contacts