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WELCOME to the UC Libraries/JSTOR Paper Repository Public Information site. In October, 2004, the University of California Libraries and JSTOR (Journal Storage) contracted to create a paper repository of over 14,000,000 pages (500+ titles) from journal runs across all UC campuses.

This "dim" archive (accessible to only UC faculty, staff, students and JSTOR) has one ideal & complete set of every contract JSTOR title.

The Repository benefits both JSTOR in terms of access to a complete print backfile, and UC in terms of the cost and space savings from no longer maintaining several copies of low-use print volumes.

The project plan was designed in early 2005, and was completed April 2007.

A second contract has been negotiated to add approximately 5,000,000 new pages (over 270 new titles) to the archive.

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Recent News

John Doing Retires
As of March 31st, 2016, John Doing has retired from SRLF and the UC SRLF JSTOR Project. Oversight and management of the UC SRLF JSTOR Project and Shared Print has been assigned to Tin Tran.

If you have questions regarding the UC JSTOR Project, contributions to the Project or information on any of the SRLF Shared Print projects please contact Tin Tran.

Contact Tin Tran

JSTOR Wish List February 2016
The JSTOR Wish List for items still needed for the archive has been updated. If you are clearing those old items off your shelves take a look, maybe you can give it a new home.
JSTOR Wish List 2016


JSTOR audited the UC JSTOR Archive in February of 2013 and found the Archive in complete compliance with a 99.96% accuracy rate.

JSTOR examined 18,857 pages that had been validated since the March 2012 audit and found an overall total of 7 validation errors. This results in a 99.96% accuracy rate.

Congratulations to all the SRLF JSTOR Archive staff for another excellent year.


SRLF Archive passes March 2012 JSTOR Audit
The results of the annual JSTOR Audit of the SRLF Archive have been sent from JSTOR. The auditors found the archive in complete compliance with all aspects of the contract. After reviewing 16,708 pages from 129 issues across 67 titles the team found an accuracy rate of 99.96%. All of the materials selected for the current audit were validated and added to the paper repository archive after the previous audit, conducted November 15-16, 2010. Congratulations to all the SRLF JSTOR Project staff for another outstanding audit.

JSTOR Archive Audit 99.95%
In November of 2010 JSTOR completed the Annual Audit of the JSTOR Archive at SRLF. The Archive once again was found in complete compliance with the contract and achieved an outstanding 99.95% accuracy rating. Congratulations to all the JSTOR Archive staff for a job well done.

JSTOR Archive Passes with Flying Colors
JSTOR conducted its annual audit of the JSTOR UC archive in the last week of September 2009.

The Audit team found the Archive in compete compliance for all aspects of the contract. The Page validation had an accuracy rate of 99.96%, which was 0.01% higher than the previous year.

In an e-mail to the archive staff, JSTOR Director of Production John Kiplinger wrote:

"Please accept my congratulations on another glowing audit report. I’m very pleased but not surprised. I sincerely appreciate the dedication and high level of quality that you and the rest of the project team have brought and continue to bring to the repository project. It is indeed exemplary!”

JSTOR Audit June 2008 99.95%
JSTOR conducted an audit of the SRLF JSTOR archive on June 2nd and 3rd 2008. The audit team found the Archive in compliance with all requirements and found that we had an accuracy rate of 99.95% (well above the required 98%).

In an e-mail John Kiplinger JSTOR Director of Production wrote "I want to congratulate the staff on the JSTOR paper repository project on another very impressive audit result. To be honest, I am not surprised. The quality of the validation work coming out of the project has been top notch, and this just reiterates that. Whereas I may not be surprised by the quality of the work, I am still very impressed by it. Many, many thanks to all the staff at your end involved with this!"

March 2007 Official JSTOR Audit 99.8%
JSTOR staff audited the UC Libraries JSTOR Archive project in March of 2007. The result was an accuracy rate of 99.8%. The complete report will be available soon in the "Project Updates" of the "Project Info" section.
Project Updates

Journal Donations to UCL/JSTOR Project Requested
If anyone is interested in contributing clean, non-reprint journals to this project, please direct all inquires to John Doing. Clicking on SEARCH above will reveal a list of titles, and from there potential donors can check to see if particular volumes and issues have already been validated (click on the title, then note if the validated box is checked or not). John's contact information can be found below.
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