Only the owning library may request recall of its material. Items must be processed at SRLF before being released on recall to the owning library. Submit one form per title to be recalled.

Instructions: Complete and submit the form below. After submission, a printable page will display.

  • If you have the item(s), print the page and send with the item(s) to the SRLF.
  • If you do not have the item, the SRLF will locate it for recall. Save the printed page for your records.
I have the item(s).   I don't have the item(s).
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Volume or Box #:
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TO ADD ITEMS TO THE FORM: enter the box/volume number in the 'Volume or Box #' field and the item's barcode in the 'Barocde' field, then click 'Add Item'. To remove an item from the form, select the item in the list and click 'Remove Item'.