SRLF Owning Unit Viewer Information


The SRLF Owning Unit Viewer (SOUV) is a tool that can be used by library staff to find detailed item information about SRLF holdings. The SRLF can be used by depositing libraries to check journal titles and monographic sets for details on which volumes and issues are already at the SRLF. The SRLF is also able to provide item-specific ownership information for any item held at the SRLF.

To use the SRLF, staff must begin by searching the UCLA Library Catalog ( for a specific title. Once the title is found, look for and copy the bibliographic Record ID number as it appears on the UCLA Catalog display.

Next, staff will go to the SOUV web application. Select “Bib Record ID” and then enter that number in the adjacent box. Click on “Show Items”. The search results will display within seconds, and contain the following information:

Bib Record ID:
and the (Show Items for Bib) button.
Total number of SRLF items.

The items are listed in a table format, with columns for Enumeration, Barcode, Owning Unit, and Item Type. Click on a column header to re-sort the results.

The Enumeration column will be blank for single volume monographs.
The Barcode column contains the SRLF barcode, which is the shelving number.
The Owning Unit column contains the name of the library that deposited the item. For items deposited by non-UCLA campuses, the Owning Unit name begins with the campus name (e.g. UCI, UCR, UCSD, UCSB). Owning unit names without a campus designation are UCLA library units.
The Item Type column identifies the items as SRLF Books, SRLF Bound Journals, SRLF Non-Print, Non-Circulating, or Building Use.

To print the results of the SRLF search, right click anywhere on the results page and select “Print”.

UCLA Library staff has the option of using a “Holdings Record ID” search in the SRLF. The holdings record ID number is not available in UCLA Catalog displays, but can be found by searching the Voyager cataloging client.

Please contact Tin Tran - Processing Manager at the SRLF if you have any questions or comments.