Information & Instructions

Please contact Tin Tran with any questions or for assistance.

Select the type of information that you will be searching:
Available search types:

Enter your search data in the search field text box. The records field is the maximum number of records to be return. Default is set to a maximum of 500 records, but value is adjustable.

Useful Tips:

  • Remove prefixes and leading zeroes from OCLC searches:
    (OCoLC)04849687 = 4849687
    (OCoLC)ocm15717980 = 15717980
  • Sort data by clicking on column header. Continued clicking will change the direction of the sort.
  • Group data by dragging a column header to the area just above the columen headers. Return to normal view by clicking on “X”, or by dragging column header out of grouping row.
  • Use the Search field in the upper right hand side of the table grid to search for data within the grid.
  • Filter data on a column by using the funnel filter icon next to each of the column header names. Several options are provided for filtering the data.
  • Export the data to Excel or PDF by using the export buttons on the top of the table grid.
    The Excel export is the recommended export option. The data table can be very large and will appear with very small print in a PDF export.
    If you need a quality PDF document, export to Excel and print to PDF after making customized adjustments for your data view.

NOTE: Alma Analytics report data is only available up to the previous day. Any data entered into Alma today will not be available in Alma Analytics reports until tomorrow.