The SRLF is a shared resource for the University of California, and strives to make the collections it stores available to anyone who needs to use the materials. Access can range from visitors on-site at the SRLF, to requests delivered worldwide; and in the form of the actual book or journal, to an article or excerpt delivered electronically as a PDF file.

Access to Materials

As a high-density storage facility, the SRLF’s collections are not browse-able by call number and our stacks are closed to the public; and while there is no reference librarian on-site, SRLF staff members are available to aid in searching the UCLA Library Catalog for items located at the SRLF.

  • For information about viewing an item at the SRLF (in our reading room), please go to our Visiting On-Site section.
  • If you would like to place a request to have an item sent to another location, or for digital delivery of an article, or have a problem with a request or didn't receive a requested item or scanned digital article request, please go to the Requesting an Item section for more information.
  • The SRLF is also part of the UCLA Library's Universal Returns System.  You can return any UCLA Library book to the SRLF, and we will ensure it is sent to the appropriate library location.

Overdue Items, Billing, & Problem Resolution

If you have questions about a bill you received, or the item or article you have requested did not arrive please visit the Overdue Items & Billing section.

Resources for Library Staff

Our Resources for Staff section has information for library staff members such as:

  • Requesting an item for inter-library loan through OCLC, email, or fax
  • Access to special collections housed at the SRLF   
  • SRLF Web Applications [ SRLF Request Manager, Owning Unit Viewer, RLF Tool, YTD Deposits Report ]   


Contact SRLF Access Services