Fees & Fines (Bills)

The SRLF adheres to the same general guidelines of the UCLA Library in regard to fees and fines. Payments for billed items should be made according to the instructions on your Lost or Late Book bill. Please do not send payments or checks directly to the SRLF.
For more information on paying fees and fines, please see the UCLA Library’s main page:
UCLA Library Fees and Fines

Replacing Lost Items

Replacements for lost items are accepted at the SRLF, but they must be the exact same edition as the lost item in regard to year, publisher, and place of publication. Contact the SRLF directly to replace an item.

Guidelines for Replacement of Persistent Deposits

Claimed Returned Items

If you have an item that you claim returned but is still checked out to you, please contact the SRLF directly or call us at (310) 206-2010

Paying Invoices

Invoices (not bills for lost books) are issued at the SRLF for cost recovery services such as document delivery and Imaging Services. Please follow instructions on the invoice for payment, and do not send payments or checks directly to the SRLF.

Invoices can be paid by check, payable to Regents of the University of California, and mailed to Library Business Services as described on your invoice.

SRLF invoices can also be paid by phone at (310) 206-9770 or paid online through UCLA Library Payments Online. You will need to login with a UCLA Login ID.

IMPORTANT: If you create your own login, you must use the login ID supplied with your paper invoice. You can create your own password.


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