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SRLF Material is permanently stored here:

Please do not relabel, re-house, or rebind any SRLF item while it is on loan to you.
Please do not remove any SRLF barcodes or stickers from material while it is on loan to you.
Please do not edit or add to any SRLF record without first consulting with SRLF Processing Staff.

Deaccessioning of Items

The SRLF adheres to a Persistence Policy whereby any circulating or building use only item cannot be deaccessioned. However, items can be held at an owning unit on their shelves indefinitely through a Recall program while maintaining status as an SRLF item. See the Recall Request form or contact the SRLF for more details. If an SRLF item has been sent to your library on ILL, please do not remove any barcodes or stickers from the item and place it back in your stacks under the call number. Items cannot be deaccessioned this way. Also, please return items in any protective case or folder in which they were enclosed.

Reboxing of Special Collections Items

Boxes of special collections material that have been requested to your owning unit should be returned to the SRLF in the same box with the same label, collection title, box number, and SRLF barcode. Consult SRLF Processing staff before starting any kind of reboxing or relabeling project.

In Process Items

Some items in the catalog are marked “in process” for the SRLF. These items will ultimately be processed at the SRLF for access, but have not yet made their way to a processor. The item could still be in cataloging, awaiting pick up for SRLF, or was sent back to cataloging as a problem. You can contact SRLF library Access Services staff to search the item for rush processing, but if the item is held at other UC locations we recommend doing an interlibrary loan. Note that if the item is in process but is already held at the NRLF or the SRLF (but deposited by another campus), that in process item would be rejected as a duplicate, per the RLF non-duplication policy.

Requesting UCLA Non-Circulating Material

Non-circulating material held at the SRLF can only be viewed at the owning unit; it cannot be viewed at the SRLF. To request this material, see instructions in the UCLA Catalog. Often patrons will need to click the blue “Request Material” button in a specific record in initiate a request in Aeon, the request and tracking system used by Library Special Collections. Appointments are made by special collections staff for patrons to view material in their reading room. If there is no “Request Material” button in the record, patrons will need to contact owning unit staff as indicated in the record.

Problem Resolution

To resolve problems such as a requested item not arriving, billed or lost items, or claims returned searches, see our Overdue Items & Billing information.

Shipment of Loan Requests

Loans are sent across the UCLA campus using our own truck in a daily run in the afternoon. Loans are sent to other UC’s and some other institutions via the Tricor courier service for overnight delivery, and loans are sent to most other ILL locations via FedEx ground. We also ship internationally using FedEx. Please use care when returning SRLF items, especially if the item is older or fragile.

SRLF Web Applications

SRLF Request Manager

UCLA & SRLF Library Staff can view the status of requests submitted through the UCLA Library Catalog and view statistic reports for those requests. UCLA Library Staff can view information on accessing and using the SRLF Request Manager through the SRLF Request Manager Information page on UCLA Library's Confluence site.

SRLF Owning Unit Viewer

The SRLF Owning Unit Viewer (SOUV) The SOUV is a tool that can be used by library staff to find detailed item information about SRLF holdings. The SOUV can be used by depositing libraries to check journal titles and monographic sets for details on which volumes and issues are already at the SRLF. The SOUV is also able to provide item-specific ownership information for any item held at the SRLF. For instructions and information about the SOUV see SRLF Owning Unit Viewer Information.

SRLF YTD Deposit Reports

View live up-to-date reports for depositing libraries. Displays requested and deposited amounts for each fiscal year.
YTD Deposit Reports

RLF Tool

The RLF Tool searches OCLC for holdings set for NRLF and SRLF. Search by single or multiple OCLC numbers.
RLF Tool


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